Facts & Realities Every Business Owner Should Know

"Online Reviews Are Extremely Critical To The Success Of Any Offline Local Business; Especially Consumer Services Businesses and Real Estate Agents"

“Google is the review site of choice. 63.6 percent of consumers say they are likely to check online reviews on Google before visiting a business… more than any other review site.” –

More Facts

"Just One(1) Negative Online Review Could Totally Destroy A Small Local Business!"

Here are the facts: If someone wants to say something bad about a business they will find a way… But another fact stands as well, most will be happy sounding off to management and most will also be satisfied by a prompt response from the business.. In most cases unsatisfied customers/reviewers have no other outlet to be heard by the business (Until Now)! Even 3-Star reviews cause many consumers to have doubts about a business. Our system can help with reducing even 1, 2 and 3 Star reviews!

What our system does is curb the unnecessary negative reviews (which turns out to be most of them) because there’s no other way to vent.. It’s a fact that a Business with out a plan to control their negative reviews will end up with more than a businesses that has a plan.. The idea here is to Protect the most vulnerable (and damaging) effects of negative reviews, and not to let those reviews damage the overall stature of a business in Google’s eyes (ie: Rankings)… Which could be detrimental to a local businesses.

Our Awesome Google Reviews System!

Increase New Revenue

Presenting Proven Powerful Influential Positive Reviews People Trust..

Keep Current Customers

Nurturing unhappy customers is proven to work to Rectify Bad Experiences.

Reduce Negative Reviews

Catch negative Google reviews before they are posted on Google.

Site Engagement Benefits

Give your customers an easy way to comment on their experience with you.

How The System Work

Automated Customer Feedback & Reputation Management

System Ratings Page


System Feedback Page

If your visitors select 3 stars or less… they will be automatically redirected to the “Feedback Page (upper right image)”. Content of the feedback form will be forwarded to you as soon as the form is submitted. This way you or your staff can handle the point of dissatisfaction or problem before the review is posted.

If your visitors select 4 or 5 stars… they will be automatically redirected to the “Google Page Review Popup (below image)” so they can leave positive reviews . This is the ideal way to manage both positive and negative reviews. Please take a few minutes to reread  the above benefits of Google reviews.

Google Page Review Popup

Google Review-Popup Widget-800


SPECIAL NOTE: Protect Your Online Reputation! We highly recommend you check your Google listing reviews often. One bad review could cost you hundreds or thousand of dollars in lost revenue, or even a surprise lawsuit. We have arranged a discount for a service that monitors most of the most visited and used websites and platforms on the internet, like Google, Facebook and Twitter for negative reviews and comments about you, your business, and even your children. You will be immediately notified if anything is found. All of this  for a small monthly fee. Contact us, or click the “Web Monitor” link at the bottom of this page for more web monitoring system details.


Below is a button where you can take a demo of the reviews system. Clicking the demo will open the system in a new window or tab. Simply close the window or tab to return here.

Remember to take advantage of our FREE Google Maps & Reviews Mini Video eCourse! Combined with this system, it could greatly improve and increase your Google Search rankings and customer leads.

Most Businesses Know they NEED Good Reviews and Ratings but don’t know where to start..

…Yet ye have not, because ye ask not.(James 4:2) – The First Thing You Should Do Is Start Asking Clients, Customers Or For Google Reviews

You can’t get around asking your customers, clients or patients to review you. It’s that simple and that hard. You must ask someone to leave a review if you’re going to get a review. You can ask for a review in a multitude of ways:

• Ask after you complete a job by handing your customers or clients “Review Request Cards” with your personalized provided web address on them
• Ask the latest customer you interacted with
• Ask through an email with your personalized provided web address in them
• Ask when you send a bill by printing your personalized provided web address on them
• Ask by printing your personalized provided web address on your receipts and invoices
• Ask when you conclude a conversation on the phone, give your short personalized provided web address over the phone
• Ask by having your personalized provided web address printed on the front or back of your business cards.
• Ask by, and to save money, you can have address labels printed with your personalized web address, include something like “Please Review My Service”, then stick them on the back of your current business cards. These labels could be print on your personal computer and printer
• Ask by handing customers or clients “Mini Review Request Cards”, with your personalized provided web address printed on them
• Ask by displaying “Mini Review Request Cards”, with your personalized provided web address printed on them, in your office

Take any and every opportunity you can to ask a customer to review you (we provide your personalized web address). Of course, don’t be annoying and pressure someone. No one likes that. But simply ask or hand them a card and you will get reviews.

All of the above are ideal, but using our system makes all of them much more effective and beneficial!

Review Request Card Demo


(We will provide a personalized 2inx3.5in template ready to have printed locally or online.)

Who can benefit the most from this powerful reviews system...

Medical & Health Offices • Chiropractors • Dental Offices • Attorneys • Fitness Centers • Salons & Spas • Financial Services Offices • Repair Shops • Contractors & Builders • Auto Dealers • Salespeople • Insurance Agencies • Real Estate Agents • Bars & Restaurants • Optometrist & Eye Care Centers • Mortgage Brokers • Veterinarians & Pet Care Services • Personal Trainers • and a lot more!

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